What is Home Vision Therapy (HTS)?

HTS is a revolutionary new advance in eye care.

HTS is a computerized program that helps eliminate the symptoms of eyestrain. This is the most common visual complaint of students and office workers today. Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Cooper, MS, OD, FAAO, a clinical professor at the State University of New York, College of Optometry, and Rodney K. Bortel, the HTS Home Vision Therapy System is prescribed by eye doctors across the United States.

Think of it like fitness training for your eye muscles. It’s a re-education program for your eyes. And, just like learning to ride a bike, once you teach your eye muscles how to work their best, they don’t forget.

Why do you need vision therapy?

Eyestrain is not a seeing problem, so glasses alone won’t fix the problem. It’s an eye muscle problem. Our eyes were never intended for spending long periods of time on close work – such as reading or at a computer. Eyestrain is caused by the visual demands of modern living.

The muscles of the eyes must work together as a team — learning to focus and relax as needed. If the eye muscles are not coordinated, they fatigue. The result can be eyestrain symptoms. Eye exercises can improve how your eye muscles work and relieve your symptoms.

How does vision therapy work?

HTS Computerized Home Vision Therapy is fun and easy. You learn a series of eye exercises – done at a computer. Kids say it’s like a computer game. The initial tasks are easy. Your eyes follow arrows across the screen. You find hidden 3D boxes within boxes. You identify the movement of images. The computer automatically increases the challenge based on your improvement. The computerized HTS Home Vision Therapy program is tailored to your own personal binocular problem.

You can practice HTS at home, at school, or at your office, wherever you have a computer. You usually practice it five days a week. Most patients finish the program in six to eight weeks. Then you do weekly maintenance sessions for a few months – to reinforce your new skills.

Upon successful completion of therapy, your eyes function comfortably and efficiently as a team. Your symptoms will be eliminated or significantly reduced. Near vision tasks will become more enjoyable and rewarding. You will have a longer attention span – and better comprehension.

How can you start vision therapy?

See an eye doctor. If testing indicates that you or your child may have binocular problems, your doctor can prescribe HTS Home Vision Therapy. HTS can provide you with a list of doctors in your area who provide the computerized HTS Home Vision Therapy Program.