Good vision is more than just the ability to see clearly. It is the ability to understand and respond to what is seen – from whatever source – for hours on end.

More than half of all computer users experience eyestrain symptoms such as, headaches, blurred vision, and other symptoms directly and indirectly related to increased, sustained near vision stress – associated with the use of computer screens. This is called computer vision syndrome. Visual stress also may underlie complaints of general fatigue, reduced efficiency at work, and higher error rates as the day progresses. Use our eyestrain self-test for adults to check for near vision problems.

Human eyes were designed for outdoor functions – for our hunter-gatherer ancestors – such as spotting game or danger at a distance. The vision skills that served our ancestors are different from those we need in modern society – especially when in front of a computer.

Viewing text and graphics on computer screens has created a new source of stress on our vision system’s capabilities. Today, nearly all our visual demands – on the job and during recreation – has shifted to close up, within arm’s length.

Near vision work requires that your eyes work as a team – called binocular vision:

  • to converge — aimimg together to combine the images from each eye into one,
  • to accommodate – curving the lens to bring images into clear focus,
  • to fixate – moving the eyes across the computer screen fluidly and then jumping to the next line.

Today, computer users must persist in these complex visual tasks for many hours on end – a stress for which our eyes were not designed. Vision therapy can retrain your eye muscles to meet the visual demands of the 21st century.

Eyestrain is not a seeing problem, so glasses alone won’t fix the problem. It’s an eye muscle problem. The good news is that the computerized HTS Home Vision Therapy Program can usually resolve your symptoms – often within just a few months.

Fitness training for your eyes can enhance your visual comfort, endurance, and ability.